Staring and flying with a fire

Posted on 11.3.2013


Sitting in a cafe is always good. Sitting in a cafe in Scotland is excellent. Having a lots of inspiration and ideas to share by writing again, is like sitting in a heaven.

Being busy is good. Being always busy can be tiring. But forgetting about your old passion for busyness in a field that is not precisely  your deepest passion is a sin greater than the original one.

People, I love being alone and I need it just as every regular man. Haven´t you heared about the basic need of man, girls? Of course, they need to spend some time “staring into fire” every day. We made them social and chatty. But their original manly thing is, to shut up and stare.

So here is my super logical conclusion: When he stops answering you, it means that he finaly started to think what you were saying before. (Hopefuly.)

However, back to staring. I´m probably sort of a regular man. Staring to the fire, out of the window, at people in the street or cafe…. yes,  that´s exactly my thing.

Staring is also related to what I call “the time disappearence”. And when time stops chasing me, my mind is free to fly and takes me to places I have never been before.

In such moments I write, thrive and am simply happy. In such moments I don´t need to sleep, I don´t need to eat, I don´t need anything. I feed on completely different nutrients.

Yes, I found it, I foudn it, I FOUDN IT!! And I would be stupid  loosing my time of life doing things that don´t bring me exactly those feelings.

Well,I´m aware there is a lots of training required. And no writer ever got rich by writing stories. But If I love doing it, I ´m sure I am already rich anyway.  Regarded to money making activities….well that is why we have part time jobs out there, haven´t we?

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